What are Credentials?
You may already know RabbitHole as the best paid acquisition channel in web3. Since RabbitHole incentivizes direct usage of protocols, projects are guaranteed usage on their networks, benefit from affordable acquisition costs, and are able to track on-chain results.
RabbitHole Credentials add another layer to the stack. While web2 companies used centralized ad targeting tools to ensure they’d reach the right audience, the best web3 orgs are using verifiable on-chain data to find the right users.
RabbitHole Credentials simplify user targeting and filtering with simple non-transferable NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet that prove a user’s knowledge of web3 concepts. Projects can offer Credential holders exclusive experiences and opportunities, all while ensuring their community members are knowledgeable crypto citizens. And community members feel empowered showing off & using their Credentials wherever their web3 journey may take them.
Reference this Credential Insights Dashboard to view the impact we've driven so far.
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