Quest FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Tasks (e.g., vote, mint, stake, bid, create) should a project incentivize users to complete?
    We will work with you to choose Tasks that will help you achieve the goals that are most important to your community.
  • What is the time commitment on behalf of the project?
    There's very minimal time investment from the project standpoint. The primary responsibilities that are required by the projects are setting a budget, choosing the Tasks and the associated subgraph, and promoting the campaign on social media. Everything else is handled by RabbitHole.
  • What should the reward be for the campaign?
    RabbitHole has a minimum campaign budget of $100k. On a per user basis for Ethereum Mainnet Quests, we typically ask projects to allocate 30% higher than the gas cost per individual redeemer. For example, if it costs $50 in gas to complete the campaign, the user would get rewarded $65 in tokens. Quests on other L1s, L2s, or sidechains are generally rewarding anywhere from $15-50 per user, depending on the complexity.
  • Is the reward calculated in tokens or USD?
    The reward will be determined at the start of the campaign, or when the proposal is passed in governance, in the form of native tokens.
  • Is the timing right to run a campaign?
    RabbitHole campaigns can be done at any stage of a project. Projects have used RabbitHole to bootstrap initial users, attract and educate new users, and re-engage existing users to utilize new features.
  • What does RabbitHole charge for a Quest?
    RabbitHole takes 20% on top of the total token rewards for running the campaign (if you distribute $100k in rewards, we'll ask for $120k total). RabbitHole abides by a 1 year lockup and participates in governance with the tokens in a treasury, provided a minimum threshold is met. We want to form a long-term relationship with projects and serve as advocates for the everyday user while promoting long-term sustainability of protocols.
  • How long does it take to launch a Quest? We usually advise 4-6 weeks between the time when a Quest is designed and when a Quest is launched. This may be extended if we need to go through a public governance approval or grant application process.
  • How long do Quests run for? Quest generally run for a period of 7 days. However, rewards can run out in as little as 24 hours, especially if gas costs are low.
  • How many users should I target? On average, protocols generally target 2,000-5,000 users per Quests. However, we have ~20,000 Bright ID verified users (and growing).
  • What if I want to target specific types of users? You can use our Credentials to target users with specific knowledge of DeFi, DAOs, or NFTs!
  • Which protocols have run Quests with RabbitHole? See our Quest Log!
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