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What are Quests?
RabbitHole helps crypto projects find and engage the best users for their community or protocol.
We're onboarding the next billion people to the most important web3 projects, helping users grow their ownership in the web3 economy by completing on-chain Tasks that are value-additive to projects.

Why Top Projects Use RabbitHole:

As the the best web3 paid acquisition channel, RabbitHole incentivizes direct usage of protocols, projects are guaranteed usage on their networks, benefit from cheaper acquisition costs, and are able to track on-chain results.
  • Grow Your User Base: Crypto projects are competing aggressively for the same, limited user base. Thousands of early adopters use RabbitHole to learn about new projects, creating a base of new token holders who are eager to participate in the web3 ecosystem.
  • Target High Quality Participants: Current web3 user acquisitions strategies - such as liquidity mining, airdrops, and paid promos - are untargeted and bring in mostly speculative users. RabbitHole users earn Credentials based on their on-chain actions, allowing you to target knowledgeable users with specific characteristics or users that have demonstrated specific "Skills."
  • Onboard Active Governance Contributors: Protocols struggle to engage their communities in active governance, evidenced by strikingly low DAO voter participation rates. RabbitHole can help you onboard more knowledgeable and active participants, helping you build a less centralized governance process for your network.

Co-design a Quest with RabbitHole:

🛠 RabbitHole works with you to design a Quest that will help your project reach its goals. The process is easy:
  1. 1.
    Collaboratively design a Quest that is suited to your project’s needs, helping you answer key questions such as what actions you should incentivize to achieve your goals, how to design a Quest to maximize impact, and how to best measure success.
  2. 2.
    The RabbitHole team will prepare your Quest, integrating your subgraph (or developing the subgraph, if required), publishing educational content about your project, and creating themed NFTs as additional rewards.
  3. 3.
    We'll launch the Quest through RabbitHole social media channels, ensuring your project gets exposure to a new audience of thousands of crypto enthusiasts.
  4. 4.
    RabbitHole will then track the addresses of unique users (verified via BrightID) who completed the Quest via The Graph.
  5. 5.
    Payouts to verified users will occur through a multi-sig wallet joint-custodied with RabbitHole.
  6. 6.
    RabbitHole will help you measure the success of your Quest and it's long term impact leveraging on-chain analytics.
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