General FAQs

How can I level up in web3 using RabbitHole?

RabbitHole is your guide through your web3 journey. By completing Skills, you'll earn Credentials to signify your knowledge of crypto & web3 concepts. Using your Credentials, you can unlock opportunities to earn tokens + NFTs through Quests.
Learn more about Credentials + Quests below:

How does RabbitHole mitigate bots?

We use BrightID for sybil resistance. Every RabbitHole user must complete their BrightID verification (located in settings) before accessing RabbitHole Quests.

What's on the product roadmap?

We'll be sharing more about our product roadmap in the coming weeks + months. In the meantime, keep an eye on our Discord and sign up for our newsletter.

What first steps should I take to join the community?

Our community lives in Discord, which you can join here.
Check out our community handbook for more